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Americans were ready for Medicare and wanted it. Medicare votes in Congress – Over 60% of the American Public was in favor of Medicare before it was introduced to congress in 1965.

Perotista, my parents received one of these vinyl LP records in the mail back then:

And THAT was the total EXTENT of the paid political hyperbole back then.
In 2009, Obama faced a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR hype JUGGERNAUT, highlighted in the "Deadly Spin" documentary I linked to, which you have clearly refused to even look at yet.

Imagine a HUNDRED THOUSAND Ronald Reagan clones all sending out mailers, vinyl records, telegrams, going on television, paying for full page ads in all the newspapers every single day for a year, and holding massive town hall meetings for almost two years every single day.

That, using ONLY the technology of that era, is what LBJ would have faced against Medicare back then, and Medicare would have FAILED, not because of the people but because of a massive propaganda juggernaut.

Again, you seem to be pretending that propaganda doesn't produce results. The Party of Trump (formerly the Republican Party back then) learned forty years ago what happens when you don't rise up with a trained organized money campaign to beat back legislation you don't like.

---Americans were ready for Medicare back then because they didn't get drowned out. The strict right wing listened to the Reagan record and voted against Medicare, while everyone else weighed THE FACTS objectively.

Objectivity is IMPOSSIBLE under today's conditions, and that is why healthcare reform is impossible, even the ACA.

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