‘That brings me to the economic response. So far, the House has passed a small response bill, and negotiated a second response package with the White House, including a provision for sick leave that won't cover up to 80 percent of American workers. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi affirmatively defended the loopholes, saying she didn't want to subsidize corporations. Then during a press conference Monday, Trump swung wildly to the left, saying in response to a question on sick leave that, "We want it for everybody."

But bizarrely, during negotiations with White House staff Monday night, Pelosi agreed to weaken the bill even more. The paid leave provision now applies "only to workers caring for a child whose school or day care had been shut," the Wall Street Journal reports. Either Trump did not understand the question he had been asked and was just running his mouth, he has no idea what his staff is doing, or he was brazenly lying — or some combination of all three.

Meanwhile on the question of broader economic stimulus, several Republicans are now outflanking Pelosi to the left. On Monday, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) rejected the Pelosi bill as insufficient, while Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) proposed an immediate payment of $1,000 to every adult.“

Democrats' grotesque coronavirus failure

Tom Cotten is running to the left of Pelosi and the liberal establishment while the Party kneecapped the candidate proposing universal healthcare for every American during a growing pandemic. Propelling the neoliberal corporatist Biden to the forefront who dismissed UHC during the last debate, while the country is in lock down, while lying his ass off because why not? The barking seals will vote blue no matter whathavya. DNC chair Tom Perez insists on states holding primary elections during a state of emergency and risking the lives of his dependable older base just to drag a sun downing Biden across the finish line and get him in the meat locker, out of public view and scrutiny like they did Hillary in 2016.

Like so many weaknesses of our society getting exposed by C-19, another is the feckless, means testing death cult energy of the Democratic liberal political class. It can’t burn quick enough.

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