Jeff, Daryl is not really uninsurable. In California there is no gap between Medi-Cal coverage (which is free) and ACA coverage in terms of income limits. Both of these offer excellent coverage. The ACA maximum out-of-pocket is something around $7400 per year. Medi-Cal has no cap because it has zero cost.

ACA plans in LA include some top-notch plans like Blue Cross, etc. UCLA is going to accept them because otherwise nobody could go there. One important issue is how much income Daryl earns? If it's less than the Medi-Cal limit then he gets that free. If it's a little too high, he can get ACA almost for free as well. The ACA lower limit can be reached by paying Daryl for all his work around the house to get to the limit. But he would have to pay for ACA coverage for the year. Then he gets that all back in his income tax refund. This can be a huge advantage for not keeping an 18-26 year old kid on your ACA plan, if he has the right income.