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No mention of who decided to drop those charges? The Trump AG I would imagine. Pretty damned self-serving.

My favorite quip is about how Trump has "out-lefted the Left".
Well, considering that Steve Bannon proudly said that he sees himself as a Leninist bent on deconstructing the administrative state, I'd have to say that it is true.
But the real question is, is that really how far Left we want to go?

After all, the moment one has deconstructed the administrative state to the degree Bannon dreams of, there's nothing left to protect democracy.

Maybe once one gets that far Left, democracy doesn't really matter?
I don't know, because I don't think I've ever BEEN that far Left.

I'm just an ordinary lefty.
I'm not interested in outdoing the Democratic Party, I just want the Democratic Party to make itself viable, that's all, viable for liberal ideas, viable for the working class, viable for a form of capitalism that is accessible to all, viable for the largest number of people.

I see socialism as a stimulant, a spice...like hot sauce.
It can be injected as a way to make capitalism more humane.

I'm not interested in deconstructing the state, I'm interested in making the state serve the people better.

So, has Trump out-Lefted the Left? If you consider the fact that "the Two Santas" are waiting in the wings, no...not even remotely.
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