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I did. You made some incoherent statements and talked about being average left, whatever that means to you.

You’ve also identified as a liberal in the past. So I wondered if you were conflating liberalism with leftism.

Doesn’t matter really. It was passing curiosity.

Yeah, if you gathered my meaning from my post then your question is asked and answered, so I don't feel obliged to get into whatever logical fallacy box you want me to get into.

I don't hate capitalism, I just think it needs proper regulation. We have fire safety rules for a reason. Same logic applies.
Socialism is a wonderful stimulant and it helps protect working class folks from predation, so a strong social contract is essential.

I favor universal healthcare and universal access to affordable higher education and training.

I favor strong unions and universal access to them, through apprenticeship programs.

I'm big on restoring domestic manufacturing.

I'm big on social remedies for social ills like racism and gender inequality, and I am pro-choice. I welcome any immigrant who demonstrates the ability to become a productive member of society and support paths to that end, and I think we need to help refugees to the extent we can.

I hate private prisons and want them to disappear.
I hate the fact that war is now a consumer product, and so is news and public affairs.

And having said all that, I hate the fact that we're so far right that even getting to the center looks like a big leap.
And no, I don't have the magic solution to it all.

Now, what box do you think I fit in?
I couldn't care less.
"Doesn’t matter really. It was passing curiosity."
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