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WASHINGTON — The Pentagon on Monday issued three contracts to start design work on mobile, small nuclear reactors, as part of a two-step plan towards achieving nuclear power for American forces at home and abroad.

The department awarded contracts to BWX Technologies, Inc. of Virginia, for $13.5 million; Westinghouse Government Services of Washington, D.C. for $11.9 million; and X-energy, LLC of Maryland, for $14.3 million, to begin a two-year engineering design competition for a small nuclear microreactor designed to potentially be forward deployed with forces outside the continental United States...

That is fantastic.

Yes, that is a serious look, a project to fill a clearly identified and defined need at this stage is a sure bet, if nothing interferes, to become reality.

Back in the 80s they were talking about small, mobile reactors and thermo generators to power the tactical side of things. Cheaper and easier to ship a power generation setup than to have oil tankers (slow, big, and sure kill targets) sailing across the ocean. That is a logistics tail that every commander would want to get rid of.

The article keeps talking (implying) the use of uranium or other hazardous nuclear fuel... Where is the safe (relatively) stuff?
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