I remember PIA doing the same smears as your now attempting by accusing me of being a Russian agent. I had no idea how much conditioning or how deep it went with the liberals.
I enjoy Chris hedges, if you want to do an unamerican activities style questioning. Iíve been as fan of Chris Hedges who has a show on RT. Former NYT correspondent and award winner. One of the first to call the Russian conspiracy a Hoax, as well as Noam Chomsky, author of Manufacturing Consent or Matt Tiabbi who spent time in Russia and reported on the flimsy evidence and lack of reporting credibility over it. A host of others were reporting on it as well though they werenít being let into corporate media to push back. They were not suspending their disbelief and treating the Russian circus a consumer brand loyalty exercise.

But Gregorís right and thereís no value in pointing out to a sucker that they bought a lemon. That was not my intent. Just to point out how voter suppression and rigging is a variable now and depends on wether it damages the coke brand or the Pepsi brand.

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