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Justice didn't have a case.

I think that quite a stretch. It completely ignores all the US Intelligence agencies' findings. Those were not opinions. Those were real analyses of internet traffic, real evidence of phone call patterns, etc. It's a lot more plausible to think the cases were not prosecuted because they threatened Trump's fantasies about winning the election without Russian help. Especially since the Justice Department has repeatedly sided with Trump's agenda over respect for the law.

The intelligence community that lied us into a war with Iraq?

You would think after the Hitler level amount of death and human suffering we inflicted in that region of the world that we would be skeptical of those blunt instruments and what they tell us. Truly terrifying how fast the roles changed between the NeoLibs and neoconservatives where the security state became members of the Libs #resistance and are now populating all the corporate infotainment media.

It’s been dark amusement watching libs call Fox News ‘Pravda’ or state TV while cnn and msnbc has a constant stream of spooks and generals on their programs. On the other hand, the history of Liberalism is a mixed bag at best and has always broke hard right when push comes to shove as we witnessed in 2016 and now.

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