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They lie enough to know not to trust them.

yellow cake comes to mind. agent curveball is another. Gulf of Tonkin, Church commission, Latin American fascist death squads badged as freedom fighters, etc etc. Whatever it takes to maintain empire.

Do you think intelligence agencies have been honest with the public or congress?

Do you think Gish Galloping is helping your argument?
I don't.
And I think that when it comes to career professionals in the intelligence agencies, there is a clear divide between the political operatives and the professionals, and that the professionals take their jobs seriously.
Sorry, I am not letting the perfect be the enemy of good, so I view our intel the way I view our military, and I don't intend to tar the entire apparatus with your broad brush, especially since you have already admitted in the past that you lack any ideas for solutions, nor do you see it as your shared responsibility either.

That makes you an armchair revolutionary of the very worst kind, interested only in tearing down the apparatus but not retooling it.

Police have done some terrible things in the past, extremely terrible, but I'm also not ready to do away with police either.

You sound a LOT like what I see and hear on RT every single day...a LOT.
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