Many people were speaking out about the sham on the intelligence in the run up to war, by the way. Many others of your 'honest' intell community did speak out. They were sidelined or ignored.

Biden believed in going to war in Iraq. Hence Biden has blood on his hands. Clinton did too, though liberals were canceling all objection to her as a 'vast right wing conspiracy' (convenient) or being dupes of Russia. Ranters here may recall their behavior here at the time. As though there could not be any ideological differences from her detractors to have a criticism of her career in politics. How lazy and convenient for them.

People have also been speaking out on the Russian hysteria, too. Same play. All critique has been dismissed as though anyone making them are dupes and russian assets or it devolves into some weird party loyalty, support the troops style framing.

The detractors, much like it was in the Iraq war run up, have been ignored while the rubes believe what their TV's tell them.

What's the saying? something about lies having wings while truth has pants or something?

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