S'funny thing Jeff. No one is hectoring you who to vote for. It's too bad you don't extend the same courtesy.

You seem to think personal insults and sh!tposing about people will be convincing. Well seasoned with a
'perfect being the enemy of the good', 'lesser of two evils', etc etc that has lead us to the current state of politics we're enjoying today. Unless you have convincing logic to explain how doing the same as has always been done will lead to different outcomes, I don't see any argument your making.

How'd you like that Biden address he gave over the weekend?

That's who the Party establishment knee capped Sanders for. That is not a party who is on my side though, admittedly, it may be on yours.

I don't think Biden will be going to the convention anyhow. I agree with the arguments that there will be a swap out. His only purpose is to stop the Sanders movement with voters and he is clearly not up to the task of running against Trump.