Like JJ, I will vote for who ever the Democratic candidate is. Whether Biden, or Sanders, or someone else. I just want President Donald (...) Trump* and as many Republicans as possible GONE! My bone pile with Republicans begins with President George W. Bush after 9/11.

Anyway, the way it looks, I am more interested in who will be Biden's or Burnie's running mate. There is a strong chance the VP will become the P with one of those two as President - stress kills. At least, with Biden, we know one thing about the possible running mate, they will be a woman.

There has been a lot of discussion between the wife and I about who Biden's running mate could be. We both think Stacy Abrams would be a great choice. At the minimum, it would mean we do not lose a Senator this election cycle. Leaving a greater chance of controlling the Senate for at least the next two years. Additionally, Stacy Abrams would bring the Black and possibly Hispanic vote. We both feel that Biden needs to pick a running mate who is not currently holding any office. The only person we feel that fills the bill is Stacy Abrams; beside it would give Republicans, the religious right and many conservatives a full on stroke...

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Vote 2020!

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