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There's a fair chance that this thing blows over pretty quickly and Trump comes out smelling like a rose.

There's a bigger chance that it grinds on for months and Trump's current "surge" in the approval/disapproval polls will dwindle away like his stock market gains.

Trump is blessed with Teela Brown's luck. It's not normal.

1. Trump: This country wasn't built to be shutdown.
This coming from The Shutdown King himself.

2. Trump: We inherited a broken system, that was also inadequate.
Trump's actions specifically broke the system further, and he had 3.5+ years to do something ABOUT the system that he thinks was inherited as inadequate and broken, he had three and a half years to ADDRESS these problems and he did NOTHING.

3. Trump: No one saw this coming. (echoed by his staff minions)

Trump is resorting to the same weak and lame excuses that Bush tried with regard to 9/11, another Republican debacle of spectacular proportions that we were warned about.
Trump is attempting to have us believe that the warnings about the pandemic were never given, and that it was okay for him to ignore them if he heard them, which HE DID.

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