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What is your opinion of the DNC insisting on holding primaries last week?
Threatening states of having delegates stripped if they don’t?
Do you think that was wise having poll workers and voters stuffed together knowing what we know about this pandemic?
Voters waiting in long lines and crowded rooms just to get Biden maximum votes before the public catches on to his mental state?

Or are the Democrats always the good guys in your movie?

Changing the course of the opposition party's tribal and cartel style ownership of a corrupt criminal enterprise is happening under an overall cloud of criminality, is my opinion, but how that translates depends on your point of view.

It appears yours centers primarily around gutting the entire system altogether, combined with a certain willingness to accept the consequences, even if that turns out to be four more years of Trump, or possibly a lifetime appointment with rights transferred to the family afterwards...whatever the traffic will bear in "an emergency".

It turns out that it is not difficult to promulgate horrifying emergencies. All it takes is willful criminal incompetence.
Therefore I suspect that a few more terrifying emergencies could very well be in the near future should we fail to vote this present majority out of power.

As I've also said before, your current life situation cannot help but influence your relative view of either gutting it all, or letting the current occupant remain in the White House, or even BOTH...and dealing with the alternative, which is putting Democrats back in power.

And I say that it influences your view because you yourself are on record as saying you're not really in it to construct solutions.

Mel Brooks once said, "Critics can't even make music by rubbing their hind legs together!" LOL

Of course, my situation differs, so I too cannot help but also be influenced by that on my end. I can't afford to continue this nightmare, no way.
If Joe Biden is "the Devil we know", then even that is preferable.
That is my view of the entire thing, that is what influences my entire view.
And that is because I know for sure that if we get another four years of this, my view will not matter anymore, because I will most likely wind up dead before it is over. I seriously doubt three of us over here would survive it. The only survivor would probably be my daughter and God knows what would happen to her.

I don't have a magic wand to control the DNC and neither do you.
But my response will never be to piss on the whole thing, out of spite or otherwise.
The only way I can ever afford to even have that view would BE if I were dead.
But dead people do not HAVE views and opinions.
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