Jeebuz, whatíd ya do, get a thesaurus for your birthday?

Did you ever answer the question of the DNC insisting on voters go out and vote during the primary?.....

With all the histrionics over Republicans, I was generally interested in wether you see the same ghoulishness with the Dem party.

Iím going to guess you donít and will insist on giving one political party a free pass even though thereís hardly any daylight between them and the other on very important issues.

After this primary, it is clear to me and millions of others, that the party does not want progressives, universal healthcare, a raise of the minimum wage, rights of labor to organize, a more democratic approach to capitalism, etc.

Politics is getting more votes than your opponent. If the Democratic Party thinks it can win by refusing to support those issues and they lose. Thatís on them.

Sp far as I can tell, instead of any meaningful proposals of any kind being articulated and pushed over the last 4 years, itís been a nonstop effort of excuse making, smearing, virtue signaling and false choices.

You canít tell me what the Democratic Partyís hand selected front runner stands for. All you have is a dottering old man in a meat locker with an insistence that heís less a threat than the POTUS. Thatís not politics.

Irony? Maybe. Recipe for 4 more years of current POTUS? Probably.

Like all hacks, there will be more excuses to come for turning in hack work. The RUSSIANS, Comey, Bernie Bros and on and on.

The only thing Dems have made a priority is to resist progressives in their primaries.

So good luck to em.