I don't have a magic wand to control the DNC and neither do you.

Mega-corporations hold the magic wand and control the DNC. The DNC chooses the candidates you vote for. It's your choice whether or not you support them. I have spent a lifetime voting for Democrats and hoping for change, thus far they have failed to deliver more than marginally more optimal outcomes for workers. Conversely when Republicans are in power they deliver marginally worse outcomes.

The media(also controlled by mega-corporations) plays one side against the other to maintain profits and keep wages low.

Focusing on Donald Trump and imagining that he is "the problem" is foolish. Donald Trump is nothing more than a distraction. Replacing him with Biden is another distraction. But you will see four years of marginally better outcomes for workers before media whips up the anger and puts the party of marginally worse outcomes back into power.

Any real leaders who happen to pop up in the system are quickly co-opted by Our Corporate Overlords and become vastly wealthy and powerful within the System of Corporate Control which dominates world politics. Some call them "CEOs".

Our entire Federal Government is a sham. A puppet show. Sheer mummery.
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