I suspect you may be giving waaay too much credit to the corporations. As far as who chooses the candidates I would think that the Media is more responsible for that than anything/body else. I am also not all that convinced that the media is actually all that well controlled either. They chose, for instance, Trump because, as one media CEO said, "he is a hell of a money maker for us!" Hell, the Dems can't even control, or even stop, somebody running under their banner to actually belong to their party! I have, pretty much, voted Democratic for a very long time (with the occasional error in judgment). that being said I have also voted Democratic with little enthusiasm and that is getting less and less over time. Hell, I am no longer even sure they have planks to define what, exactly, they are for or against!

I also have some other hangups. One is that I firmly believe that most folks, that vote Democratic, are for healthcare as a social service. The Democratic party also supports Public Education which conservatives believe to be the devil's work which takes away the individual's right to determine a child's education. Anyway, healthcare as a social service just can't be done in one fell swoop. The Dems actually stand a chance to take it all in November but that would depend on the Democrats to actually make some kind of effort. So far I am not even convinced they actually want to win in November! They are constantly dunning for money but, for the life of me, I can't figure out where its going. Is surely isn't going for any ads that I have seen. The way most candidates are working very hard for money it would seem they are not getting all that much from the Dems either. Perhaps the Democratic management is getting paid REALLY well? Anyway, I, for one, would really like to see the Democratic party start making decisions and going after Trump with a will rather than the standard Democratic whine and wimper.

Ah, I may have figured it out. The Dems are waiting for the convention to determine who will be their candidate. There is only one little problem, this year, with that - COVID-19!!! They must have some sort of plan but, again for the life of me, I can't figure that one out either. Oh, if the Dems are actually controlled by 'whatever' then 'whatever' is doing a p*ss poor job in the running of the Democratic party!