If you werenít paying attention to the 2016 reconciliation committee meetings you may have missed a BIG point of contention of the parties handling and disclosure of the fundraising.

Itís a very good question of how money is raised and how it gets distributed.. Iíve been posting on it for 3 1/2 years but mostly to empty response.

No ad campaign is a guaranty of success but it does help. Taking your opinion that it doesnít, hasnít that been a feature for the excuse of losing on 2016? A Russian influence campaign?

Believing in healthcare or believing in education or a living wage is nice and virtuous.
What it ainít is is agreeing about the fundamental way in achieving that. Electing politicians that are not for it and are backed by corporate lobbying efforts in the form of a boughten Senator makes absolutely no sense.

If lobbying is shaping our legislative agendas and bills whoís paying for the lobbyists?
Iím going to go with corporations over the Girl Scouts. At least in cash on hand.
Who has been centered for financial relief in the last two weeks? Which portion of the economies interest has come first? Iím going to go with debt interests.

Finally, ĎTrumps a mad king that must be removed!í No, heís a grifter NYC developer that learned how at his fathers feet.
Dems are likely to swap out Biden for another guy whoís father and Trumpsí go back.

If Mad King Trump were true then why does congress allocate money for his agenda in matters of war department and deep state? Why do they approve of the surveillance act?

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