What I find most distressing about the Democratic Party (and I mean EVERYONE, not the DNC) is that this cycle we got nothing but flawed candidates. There are plenty of popular Democratic Governors, Senators, Representatives, public figures, etc. who could have run. But instead we got some women, a gay Mayor, some very old guys, a socialist, a billionaire party-flipper, etc. A regular sitcom cast! Yang was the closest to a viable candidate except for no political experience and being Chinese-American.

Are Democratic primary voters so politically correct now they won't consider a White Male Democrat with real political experience? One who could actually go on TV and win over a majority of Democratic Primary voters and still win the general election?

My wife and I are both mixed race ourselves, and I think there are a lot of very competent women in politics, so I don't say this out of racism or sexism. But a whole lot of Americans are racist, or sexist, or both. Men AND women. Democrats tend to be less racist and sexist, but still you have to win the election if you want to change anything. I guess we get "points" for being pure, but we do lose. I would rather win.

BTW, I would not count on Biden, Sanders, Trump, Pence, McConnell, and Pelosi still all being alive by November. We could end up with George Clooney or Andrew Cuomo on the second ballot.