I suspect that Biden will have a very real shot at universal healthcare. He has already said that he wants to re-institute Obamacare and then add the option for medicare. Now, if he can work out the finances of this one he will be very close. I am basing this on Bernie's claim that the current Covid-19 thing is proving the inadequacies of our current system as that rock has been turned over for everybody to see. Biden has to be careful, take it slow but steady and he might actually pull it off.

It will be interesting. There are, for instance, those who literally hate Biden and will fight anything he wants to do because of that hate. Hopefully they will back off and give a chance. There is, however, that weird habit Democrats have of going after one another instead of the opposition. Hopefully they will back off a little but I tend to doubt it. Right now they are busily going after one another instead of Trump which kinda blends my mind. Examples of that one were on full display during the previous, so-called, debates (also recognized as 'food fights' of the children/candidates)