Actually, if you bother to read my post, I was saying those 15% of Sanders supporters who won't vote for Biden contain personality cult members. But there are others in that 15% with other reasons. I'm sure some of them understand the issues well and are dedicated socialists who think four more years of Trump makes the revolution more likely.

Perfect is the enemy of good enough. Biden is "good enough" along with Democratic majorities in Congress, because that leads to reasonable judge confirmations, sane policies, and competent people running government agencies. Sanders may be perfect, but even if he won the Presidency the congress we would get will not support the majority of his ideas. That's just reality. Elect a progressive congress, and then a progressive President could get his ideas made into law. I actually support that, like I support single-payer. But it won't happen by reelecting Trump. It may not be possible if you reelect Trump.