In this day and age it is ridiculous to demand that people leave their jobs on a Tuesday, drive god knows how many miles(34 in my case) to show up in person by the f*cking hundred millions to spend five minutes filling out a form.

Because that's the only way Republicans can win.

Automatic voter registration should be a thing, with ballots automatically mailed to everyone of voting age and returnable sample ballots sent to teens not yet old enough to vote for polling and educational purposes.

Voter registration SHOULD NOT BE PARTISAN.

Ballots should include polling on issues of the day, which would give government some idea how the folks they are governing actually feel.

I'd put the Postal Service in charge of it all, handling that kind of sh*t is what they do. Each post office has a counting machine and a live website reporting the numbers as they arrive over a two week period.
I'd make it an annual affair with Maximum Hoopla.
Election Day would be a national holiday where we see the last of the votes counted and the winners announced.

If I was the King Of The World, I'd straighten this sh*t out forthwith.
Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...