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this happened waaay back in January and its, just now, being reported. This seems to be a bit of "day late and dollar short" to me. We have now had 3 months of battle over this stuff and now its coming to light? One would have thought a more timely effort could have been made?
It actually happened February 7th.
It is also true that on Feb. 7, 2020, while critics contended that the Trump administration was doing relatively little to prepare for the coming pandemic in the U.S., the State Department announced it had facilitated “the transportation of nearly 17.8 tons of donated medical supplies to the Chinese people, including masks, gowns, gauze, respirators, and other vital materials” in order to help “contain and combat the novel coronavirus”
(Snopes). Now, to be fair to the press, at the time there was not an outbreak in the United States, and there had been assurances that our stockpile was substantial (it was not).