that's pretty strange. I have answered a couple of these questions and my answers were liberal and I had no problems at all. I haven't, however, answered any for a while and rarely even read them but they popup every now and then.

I just went to their site and looked. Somebody asked what donald Trump is really like. Here is the first paragraph of the answer:
Mr. Trump reminds me of the child who loves attention, but doesn't know the difference between good attention and bad attention. We all know the type; under most circumstances, that child might be a well behaved, kind, and caring, but he can turn into a monster if he realizes nobody has noticed him for 15 minutes. The key difference is that the child has plenty of time to learn, and Mr. Trump ... well, he's already learned that any attention is good attention, and the American media is to blame for that one.

Not real Trump positive I think?