I answer questions on Quora. Over a quarter of a million people have read my answers. I do get a lot of requests for answers, but I don't answer the stupid questions or bother with the ones I can't answer. I get a LOT of avocado questions, since I am a grower. But I do know a lot about growing avocados. I also get a lot of medical questions about Covid-19 now. I just repeat stuff from scientific papers and researcher's presentations on the internet, with a lot of caveats. Same as here.

I have been banned once for a bit when somebody took offense from my answer. Apparently it was very easy to get people banned. Trolls were doing that. I think they might have improved that now. One thing I do not like about it, is they offered to pay me to ask "good" questions. After they started that, I saw a lot of obvious attempts by people to make money for questions. Funny thing: I can't recall ever asking a question, but I have read quite a few of other people's answers. I also can tell when students put their homework questions up, and do not answer.
God sent Trump.......because God was out of locusts.