So far I have to agree with you. I get about 20 messages from Dems every day. They all end with a request for money. I have set them to spam, they go away for a week and then they are all back. Biden sends me at least two every day - for money.

I can only wonder where the money is going. I do know, however, its not for ads on TV. That, I guess, is not possible. All my congress folk are sending me stuff, they only do that when they are running and the main message is that they too need money (even though they are not on tv either). Apparently the Dems have decided that the campaigns don't start until after the convention and nobody is even sure if there is going to be one or not and, if there is, then when and how becomes the question.

So, all in all, unless they get off their collective butts, We will have another 4 years of the Jackass Trump.

I do, however, admire those who believe that Biden will magically win because Trump is so bad. What I admire about those who believe in miracles is their capacity for hope and faith, its actually kinda inspiring!

Oh, I did see Biden on TV the other night. He was talking what he would do about Covid-19 if he was president. He would, basically, do what every other half way decent president would do when something serious needed to be attended to - appoint somebody to do the job and appoint a group to study and explain what the hell happened. This is what all other presidents have done. Then they can claim success and win the next election.

the Jackass Trump has another plan, based on the firm ground of alternate fact. He has publicly announced the he is not responsible for anything, that the federal government is separate from the United States and under his complete control, and will do little or nothing (it just goes on, and on, and on, and......) the horror is that he owns approximately 40% of the entire American voting public and they admire the process above. In other words 40% of the American voting public has abandoned reality for the Jackass alternate reality. this is being proven in a LOT of ways. The current is their resistance to any suggestion that they should fight against Covid-19 by minding the experts in this reality and, instead, just go down the happy highway of delusion. The sad thing is that we will get to watch as they start to die because of their behavior. I guess there are lessons to learn when you join an alternate reality no matter how much fun you are having (right up to when you are not). Its really quite amazing. This time their very lives are at stake and they (the Trumpies) flat out deny it, even when they see their neighbors on the way to the hospital its not enough proof for them!