So, all in all, unless they get off their collective butts, We will have another 4 years of the Jackass Trump.

I do, however, admire those who believe that Biden will magically win because Trump is so bad. What I admire about those who believe in miracles is their capacity for hope and faith, its actually kinda inspiring!

The Y2K election dissapointed me. Al Gore should havee been our President

Back in 2004 I believed that Bush was so bad that he would surely lose his bid for re-election. He did not.

As recently as 2016 I thought the Democratic candidate would surely win because she was so obviously superior. She did not.

In the 2018 election I had reason to hope that in the Blue Wave movement Florida would re-elect our Democratic senator and elect a Democratic governor. We did not.

You might say I've lost faith in Democrats. When in power they accomplish nothing and when out of power their opposition is weak.
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