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You might say I've lost faith in Democrats. When in power they accomplish nothing and when out of power their opposition is weak.

Not a good enough reason to allow a cult leader to continue his inexorable path to the Kool-Aid suicide party.

As for definitions, a “destructive cult” is an authoritarian pyramid-structured group with someone at the top who claims to know all things and says God is working through him or her. Trump does that as well. Donald Trump is also trying to control people’s behavior, the information they have access to, and their thoughts and emotions, to make them dependent and obedient and under his control. Consider the novel coronavirus pandemic and how Trump has all these followers who do not trust real experts and only take what Trump says to be true. Trump’s followers also don’t believe in science and medicine.

I'd really love to know how this is a safe option to consider under ANY circumstances, let alone the ones we're dealing with right now.
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