I thought I would investigate some healthcare in other countries for the heck of it. I found:

There is a point to this. Bernie, for instance, is fronting for something called Medicare for all, and there are some others. As far as I know nobody has actually done any research into healthcare in other countries. The three above are very different from one another, for instance. Its interesting that Taiwon is based on medicare but they studied 10 other healthcares before they were done. Switzerland was another that did a lot of study of other systems before making their decision.

What is interesting is that Americans suggesting tax supported healthcare have not, as far as I know, investigated a single other system. I am for universal healthcare. I am also for a LOT of study on the subject before deciding to fly at it. This is a big deal and deserves some study, I think.

We could start by the issuance of a personal healthcare card for everybody in the country. That would, I betcha, be a really good start?

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