Gee I was not a Clinton supporter. I did think she was infinitely more competent than Mr Trump. I was forced to vote for her.

Now about your reasons ... Sec Clinton was leading in national polls by a significant margin on the day Dir Comey made his statement. I said it immediately following the presser, that could have very well ended her campaign. And like the proverbial feces in a well her numbers dropped to about even. Now you can claim all you want that she was a terrible candidate, which was valid, but as a number cruncher you have to recognize the correlation between Comey and her drop in numbers (Oct 23, she lead by 12% but by Nov 7 her numbers had dropped to 2.2%) ... numbers don't drop like that if the candidate is bad .... they drop like that because of something dramatic happened ... if not, then your analysis or your interpretation of the numbers has become suspect
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