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A huge number of voters are either collecting Social Security or counting on it for their upcoming retirement. Many of them actually have nothing else. You cut or kill Social Security and you WILL lose the next election. 68% of those 65 and older voted in 2018. 38% of women and 33% of men age 18-29 voted. It's still the third rail of American politics.

Doesn't matter if they are FOX News watchers and staunch Republicans. When you cut their income, you are out of there.

Nope...sorry but I disagree and the reason is, most of those voters won't recognize what's happening until it is way too late.
First, if they watch Fox, I guarantee you Fox will make it sound like they are SAVING Social Security, which is precisely what they HAVE been saying all along.
Every single time a Repuke gets on TV and announces plans or intentions to cut SS, it gets framed as "SAVING SOCIAL SECURITY" and the yokels buy the scam.

Look at how many people did nothing when their Obamacare got cut.
It wasn't until they went to upgrade, purchase or just renew that they found out what happened, and then it was too late.

Or...you get this:

"I thought the President was cutting (blank) only for those moochers who don't deserve it...you know, the libruls and commies, the welfare queens...those people. I didn't think he would hurt me, because I am a loyal conservative. I thought they were protecting us."
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