"another election" seems to be a belief held by all. How about "no more elections" because I fear that if Trump gets another term that is, exactly, what could easily happen. If he rids us of SS he just won't give a damn and will will go far in fixing the national debt along the way. If anybody thinks that Trump gives a damn they would would be terribly wrong. Add in that he already OWNS about 40% of the voting public and it gets a bit worrysome. Add in that only approximately 55% of the American voting public actually votes and it gets a bit more worrysome. Now, one more consideration, Hitler, when he took over, had the support of almost 40% of the German voters (slightly less than Trump's current popularity)

Considering everything, it tends to get terrifying. I suspect everybody who doesn't adore Mr. Trump, a whole lot, better be thinking it all over and be voting for anybody but Trump. The normal lackadaisical voting of the American public will be, I think, seriously tested this time around. This is REALLY a situation when I do not want to say "I told you so"...........

Those who refuse to vote for Biden, against Trump, are flirting with fire. I am sure those who did are going to feel real bad, especially if ICE changes its buttons to little skulls and come knocking on their doors.

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