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"another election" seems to be a belief held by all. How about "no more elections" because I fear that if Trump gets another term that is, exactly, what could easily happen. If he rids us of SS he just won't give a damn and will will go far in fixing the national debt along the way. If anybody thinks that Trump gives a damn they would would be terribly wrong. Add in that he already OWNS about 40% of the voting public and it gets a bit worrysome. Add in that only approximately 55% of the American voting public actually votes and it gets a bit more worrysome. Now, one more consideration, Hitler, when he took over, had the support of almost 40% of the German voters (slightly less than Trump's current popularity)

Considering everything, it tends to get terrifying. I suspect everybody who doesn't adore Mr. Trump, a whole lot, better be thinking it all over and be voting for anybody but Trump. The normal lackadaisical voting of the American public will be, I think, seriously tested this time around. This is REALLY a situation when I do not want to say "I told you so"...........

Those who refuse to vote for Biden, against Trump, are flirting with fire. I am sure those who did are going to feel real bad, especially if ICE changes its buttons to little skulls and come knocking on their doors.

The man was already talking like he's about to declare martial law this morning. He claims that he has the authority and the power to order states to rescind their stay-at-home rules.
Think about it, he's basically saying he can order Americans "back to work" in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

Sounding and acting more and more like General Jaruzelski every minute of every day.
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