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Here's exactly what I said, "I heard basically the same thing you're saying about Trump, some Republicans were saying about Obama. Some were totally convinced Obama would find a way to postpone or do away with the 2016 elections and make himself president for life."

I never said that Obama said that, I said Some Republicans.

I also added if you were on DP back then, you'd probably remember them.

And that's the fundamental difference.
Unlike Obama, Trump IS on record as expressing much more than wistful thoughts of hanging onto power by extraordinary means.
His defenders insist he's just joking.
Trump does not joke.

There are Republicans who are convinced he will not leave in November if he loses, never mind everyone else. Max Boot is on record as being somewhat of the mindset that Trump will attempt an all-out effort at denying the legitimacy of any election that does not show victory by a margin of fifty electoral votes or more.
Basically, almost anything short of a landslide and folks like Boot agree he will try to tie it up in courts for as long as he can.

Yes, I AM aware that his term runs out next Jan anwyay, however in the interim it's possible he can entertain all kinds of scorched Earth gambits designed to cripple the country further.

In 2014 he said in a TV interview that he thought crashing the economy would help him get his way. He wasn't joking then either.
Trump does not joke.

Comparing Trump to Obama is comparing wolves and tangerines, so you might consider just letting it go, because it's a failed analogy from the git-go and always was.

PS: My oldest brother screamed about Jade Helm and Obama Martial Law for the better part of the year.
I LIVE less than an eighth of a mile from the Wal Mart in Pico Rivera CA that he claimed was a key FEMA point of operations.
I have a good friend who is a divorcee who was living in his RV in that parking lot the entire time.
He never saw ANYTHING.

Wolves and tangerines.
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