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I heard basically the same thing you're saying about Trump, some Republicans were saying about Obama. Some were totally convinced Obama would find a way to postpone or do away with the 2016 elections and make himself president for life.

If you were on DP during that time frame you probably remember them.

Yup. I remember my wife's grandfather earnestly warning me about this.

As an aside, it seems to me the left has always wanted to do away with states rights and bring all the power to the federal government. Now it seems your afraid Trump and the federal government will use its power over the states. There are times I wonder if absolute power is fine and good as long as the president and government is controlled by my political party and really, really bad if the other party has the presidency.

In other words, having the federal government over ride states rights is fine and good as long as the federal government is using its force to accomplish my agenda. The states ought to have their rights when the federal government is using their power to enforce the other party's agenda on the states.

This is one of my main reasons why I never belonged to or associated with either major party. Way too many times I have seen if I do it, its good, but if the other guy does exactly the same thing it's bad. All I want is consistency.

In a nutshell. If it's that terrible when someone from the other party wins the Presidency.... maybe the Presidency has too much power in and of itself.
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