China has, and is, proving that supporting higher education and making it available is very good for the nation. Since they embarked on their quest they are now doing their own inventing and doing it well. Huawei and 5g is one of the results of their support of higher education. I tend to believe that we have banned Huawei to let us try and catch up with 5g. I know, its building out, but China was first with this one, and several others.

We, on the other hand, have, pretty much, priced our higher education out of the range of most students whilst creating huge student loan debt. We are, now, actually losing foreign students to Chinese universities! Its getting even more interesting as we are now sending students to China for the higher education!

We need doctors but it costs to much to produce one.

One can go on and on about all of this but, when it comes to higher education, we are failing bigtime and its gonna cost!

I have always found it interesting. Our politicians have always found a way to attack any social programs. I guess I should say Republican politicians but there are also Dems who will back their plays. In Washington state our state legislature so cut funds to our main insane asylum that it was being run with minimum wage, non educated. It was so bad that the feds actually shut it down. Our Legislature also doesn't care to really support our higher education. This is social stuff so it is considered evil. Wierd.... They also go after police departments, libraries, etc. They never say they are socialist but such are treated to attack on a regular basis. What I really don't understand is why they can do that with nary a whimper from them that proclaim their support.

Strange times...............