Possibly, but a lot of this data can also be interpreted as bad testing. Our PCR tests have a false negative rate of about 30%. In Korea, their criteria for releasing Covid-19 patients is two negative tests a week apart. With a 30% false negative rate, what does this mean? The odds of being declared virus-free after those two tests (but you are really not), is 9%. So our clinical judgement of patient's recovery is highly suspect.

There have been a lot of clinical assumptions about Covid-19 that are just now being reconsidered. For example: It is only a lung infection, so if you have GI symptoms it is not Covid-19. You can rule out the disease with one nasal swab PCR test. You can't get it from food or the fecal-oral route. No need to do fecal DNA tests.

Totally wrong, but it's a lot nicer to do nasal swabs than to take anal ones.