Given the finances of the nation the Dems have a pretty good chance. However, its said that "Democrats have a talent for screwing it up" and its, pretty much, true. I do, however, have hope. The Republicans are working, very hard, to give the Dems what they need. My only question is whether they will use it or not. The fact that the Republican senate has been supporting Jackass Trump the Insane has to give them some ammunition. The only real threat to the Dems are the far left Dems calling for a revolution which seriously turns off the middle of the American voting public (which is, I think, tired of Trump, Socialists, 20 year wars, etc) I don't think anybody wants to return to somebody's vision of the good old days either.

If the Dems do take it all I sincerely hope that they 1)fix what Trump has wrought, 2)seriously fix and expand Obamacare, including restoring it and offering a public option, 3)Stop the endless wars!

In my theory, again, conservatives are against ALL regulation, Liberals, on the other hand, demand regulation. The problem, in this regard, is that both sides, especially now, tend to go to extremes and I would suggest the Dems don't. I also suggest that the Dems, EVERY DAY, mention why they won, who did it, and what they did which the Dems are forced to fix for the good of the nation and the reason for their election in the first place. The Republicans are very good at this and the Dems have, in the past, been silent about such.

Obama got 2 terms (which is usual for the Democrats) and then came the Republicans promising the world and the wall and got themselves elected because "they were something different". I suspect we now know what that means it it may not be so easy for them the next time?

Oh, there is also the little problem of the judicial system which the Republicans have done a job on. They have, for instance, assigned 20 year old new attorneys to life long appointments which the bar would never have allowed, and didn't (but it made no difference to the Republicans). The simple fact is that its going to take the Dems a long time to just rebuild the government which Trump worked very hard to wreck and destroy and that doesn't even begin to deal with the financial disaster they will inherit on top of that. We are, for instance, have to deal with the bill Trump was running up even before covid-19! Now its gonna be a LOT more!

On the good side the Dems have a long and distinguished history of fixing the disasters created by the Republicans who never miss a chance to prove they are right by being completely wrong.