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I really don't know what yall are worrying about. Biden is going to win in November.

This election is yours to lose.

Bernie endorsed Biden, but that isn't enough for you bloodthirsty haters of the left, you want to see us gone from the party and gone from the country.

Oh bullsh!t, and you know it is.
I want pretty much the same things you want, but I just don't think a poorly planned (or utterly unplanned) revolution is going to get us there.
Oh to be sure, I think it would be great if it did.
I think it would be even greater if it was planned and organized.

But it ain't.
We don't even see any founder types congregating at a tavern, real or virtual, to lay out plans.
All "our lil ole forefathers" worked their asses off to plan and organize.
We ain't done diddly squat.

So, because it's clear we ain't done diddly squat, the only other avenue is incrementalism, like pot legalization. That happened incrementally. Gay equality happened incrementally, tons of stuff has happened incrementally.

And as much as you may want to force yourself to believe that I'm some
"bloodthirsty hater of the left, who wants to see you gone from the party and gone from the country, we both know that's baloney, and I don't think you even believe that about me.
Chunk might, but you aren't Chunk.

And as far as the rest of the country goes, check back in a month or two. All Biden will have to do is give the following speech, or something close to it:

"America, you did not deserve this.
We are Americans, and we used to do a lot better.
The South Koreans handled this crisis better than anyone. They are the gold standard right now, but we, the American people, used to be the gold standard when it came to handling a disaster. We used to have the kind of responsible government that would protect Americans from a pandemic, protect people's jobs, protect people's ability to go about their lives with a measure of safety and stability.

You did not deserve this. You did not deserve this three and a half years of hell brought to you by Donald J Trump.
Now it's time to do something about it.
Turn it around.
Remember in November."

I guarantee you Bernie would have given much the same kind of speech.
But instead it will be Joe Biden.
Thing is, anyone who points directly to the pain we are suffering right now is going to connect with people.

Lots of politicians use pain speeches to connect.
Only one in recent times used it to blame a scapegoat instead of offering solutions, just as his idol did seventy some years ago...IN GERMAN.

Now Americans have seen how blaming scapegoats and dodging responsibility fails the people. Anyone who offers a better idea is going to win.

And by the time 2024 rolls around, I assure you we will be ready to take a turn that puts us on a better and more progressive path.
And plenty of qualified people will be there to jump into the ring.

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