I watched a Biden interview a couple of weeks ago. He was asked what he would do about Covid-19. His reply is what used to be the way. I may have mentioned it but, just in case. His plan is simple and what most good presidents have done over time. They find somebody who can manage a problem and put them in charge. They do the job and, then, the president claims victory and usually gets another term. If the dems win they will inherit some incredible messes. A collapsed economy, a really huge debt, serious healthcare problems, etc. ALL of which the electorate will expect gets fixed. This is what happens EVERY time the Dems take over! In EVERY instance they fix the inherited problem. Then the Republicans start to whine about the regulations, taxes, etc. They keep it up until they have so demonized the Dems that they can win the next election. This has happened everytime they win an election and they do it because the Dems never fight back, never explain how they came into power (even though they do get elected I am not convinced they have any clue but a sense of foreboding and little else). Instead the Dems to their jobs and get it done. This has been going on for a very long time, over and over again. Last one was when Obama took over.

This time, however, Obama will be standing behind Biden and together they WILL fix the problem because they have the experience, and will, to do exactly that. They will do it whilst getting beat up by the Republicans as well as the far left of the Democratic party, who will be continuously polishing their technique of whine and accuse (thereby actually helping the Republicans in their quest to win the next election).

Sorry, this is just the way it is as well as being the way it has been, for a VERY long time. I know, one would think somebody would get it and fix THAT. Not gonna happen! I continue to blame the mythic American Voting Public that always knows best (in myth and supported by all good wishful thinkers).

Of course none of the above happens if Trump wins the election. Another way to say that is to note that the Democrats have another long history. You know, the one where they screw it all up! That one starts with the infighting and, then, well you know..............