my overall posting history does not reflect an all encompassing obsession with Trump

True, your other obsession is attacking the left.

But it's all good. We're here to rant and rant we will. Even I don't agree with myself a lot of the time. But I never let it come to blows.

We'll see how it works out with President Milquetoast and his whole wheat VP. The signs and portents point to disaster and upheaval. The Marxist mathematics look dire. The timeline for leftward movement has been pushed back. Once in power Democrats will do what Democrats always do...nothing. And Republicans will fly off the handle because they are doing too much and if they try to do anything at all it will be deemed an un-Constitutional power grab.

We're watching re-runs here folks...reruns of Groundhog Day.
Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...