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And Republicans will fly off the handle because they are doing too much and if they try to do anything at all it will be deemed an un-Constitutional power grab

Explain your interpretation of the modern republican party again? I'm confused about the definition of a, "republican". [/quote]

When have Republicans not flown off the handle every time Democrats tried to accomplish anything? ACA comes to mind, perhaps you remember that? My definition of a republican is a right leaning individual who may or may not be a party member. When I use a capital R as in Republican I'm speaking of a registered member of the Republican Party. My interpretation of the Republican Party is roughly equal to the largest smelliest pile of dogsh*t you can imagine. After it's dried out a few days it more resembles the Democrats. It's gone pale, the aroma not quite so pungent and it's more likely to crumble than stick to your shoe.
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