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The biggest difference is that Biden is not bat-shiz crazy, so his "experts" would actually be experts. Like professors, scientists, economists, and such rather than Trump crony crackpots and former FOX News broadcasters. "Hire the best people" means hire the worst people in Trump-speak.

Actually hiring the best people is what every competent President has to do. The federal government is way too complex for one person to run all by himself, even if that person is an actual genius. Remember, the rarest of geniuses are only about twice as smart as the average Joe. Two and a half times as smart (IQ 250) does not exist.

And...the other "biggest difference" is that Biden is most likely to actually LISTEN TO the experts.

When's the last time anyone in the current administration actually listened to anyone other than the sycophants in their inner circle, the morons on Fox News, or Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones?

I have to laugh at anyone who makes a direct comparison between TrumpCo and any Democratic administration. Dried dog crap, please.
They're not far left enough? Yeah okay...they aren't far left enough, they aren't as far left as we need to be.

How on Earth is that the same as being a millimeter away from Viktor Orban. Trump just threatened to adjourn Congress.

Sure, the odds of his gambit succeeding are infinitesimal, at least for now. So, what will Trump do if his plan to erase the Legislative Branch's authority fails? Will he stop and think and will cooler heads prevail?
The odds of that happening are even smaller, because instead, Trump will search for ways to up the ante even more, taking whatever hostages are handy. The man fantasizes about crashing the economy to get his way.

What's next? Starting a war to get satisfaction?
The choruses of "It Can't Happen Here" are getting really old, and so are all the bogus "red lines" that keep getting laid down; Trump will never do this, Trump can't do that, even Trump would never do X or Y, bla bla bla -- he has DONE almost everything folks said he would never do, and even when he has failed to actually do something, that doesn't ever stop him from upping the ante, it spurs him on.

Shall we wait till one of these batsh!t attempts succeeds?
He's already succeeded in crashing the economy just by refusing to take prompt action to stem a pandemic.
Shall we wait for him to start pushing buttons?

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