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The fact that Independents who supported Sanders would prefer Trump to Biden tells me they have no understanding of policies. All they care about is an Impressive Man on a Big White Horse. I guess Sanders or Trump could be that for some folks. Biden is not that, but he would pursue much more progressive policies than Trump. Much more like Sanders' policies.

So, what percentage of Independents care about policies, versus what percentage like "reality shows" and WWE Wrestling?

Independents who supported Sanders and want to "pick Trump in a fit of pique" are generally people who have fits of pique quite often about almost anything and everything.
Pique defines their approach to most things in life.
Fits of pique are a luxury that is most often associated with excess wealth and security, at least on a relative scale.

And if one leads that kind of life, one is indeed very lucky.
Until their luck runs out.
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