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The fact that Independents who supported Sanders would prefer Trump to Biden tells me they have no understanding of policies. All they care about is an Impressive Man on a Big White Horse. I guess Sanders or Trump could be that for some folks. Biden is not that, but he would pursue much more progressive policies than Trump. Much more like Sanders' policies.

So, what percentage of Independents care about policies, versus what percentage like "reality shows" and WWE Wrestling?

For a lot of independents, the presidential election is a beauty contest. Most independents don't pay any attention to the day to day political grind going on in Washington D.C. At least half of independents make up their minds within a month of the election who they will vote for. Most are too busy with their daily lives, making ends meet, rooting for their favorite sports team, watching their favorite show on TV, a million other things much more important to them than politics.

That's more or less a very short over view. Now Sanders supporters are different than your average independent or swing voter. They owe their loyalty to the man, the individual and not to any political party. You seen this in 2016, the democratic base voted for Hillary 88-8 over Trump with 3% voting third party. Sanders supporters voted 75-12 Hillary over Trump but with an amazing 13% voting third party. Who knows how many stayed home and didn't vote. Their politics centered around one man, not the nation, not a political party, they wanted one man and only one man, without him nothing else mattered.

My grand daughter who was going to Kennesaw State back in 2016 was an avid Sanders supporter. When he didn't get the nomination, she refused to vote. The way she put it, she couldn't support the racist Trump nor could she support Wall Street Hillary. She stayed home. For her and for many Sanders supporters it was Sanders or no one.

I imagine it's the same today, this election cycles from what I've been reading. That Biden probably will get around the same 75% of Sanders supporters who will vote, a bunch will stay home ala 2016. That Biden will get 90-91% of the democratic base vote, more than Hillary.

Now independents are pretty much split between Trump and Biden. At least according to the polls. It's still very early with what I would say only 40% or so of independents have their minds set on who they will vote for today. The rest are still up for grabs.This in contrast to the party faithful which 90% plus of each party know exactly who they'll vote for.
It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.