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That was the in thing or the fad back then.

It's easy to embrace socialism when you lead a socialist life. When you enter the capitalist society it gets beaten out of you. The struggle is just to survive as the machine spins around you, the only revolution you have time for is doing your job as a cog in the machine, spinning and spinning endlessly.

If only there was some way to reliably save a portion of your income over time and become financially independent smile

Good friend of mine is getting his financial life back on track right now - mostly thanks to some information, but with a nice boost from an inheritance from his grandfather. Old boy was a lawn mower repairman, came from the back swamps, died with a little over $3 million that he left to all the causes, kids, grand kids, etc. Nobody knew till he died because (shrug) why should they?

All the "It Can't Be Done" and "You're Just Trapped In The Rat Race" is baloney. smile Here in this country, generally, we are the ones who trap ourselves.

I'm a single-income millennial family, and I approved this message smile
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