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Much of our society today is literally better than anyone has experienced at any time in human history.

As far as technology goes, yes, as far as the wealthy having and enjoying luxuries far beyond the means of the common man, no. That's always been the case. I agree that never in the history of man have so many had so much. But look around, young fellah, was it worth what it cost? Your grandchildren will see American cities crumble into the sea.
You might see Miami and New Orleans abandoned in your lifetime. We are in the middle of an extinction event and are ourselves on the path to extinction. All that so many could have so much and believe that they actually deserved all of it and more more more!

We screamin' full speed down a dead end street and no one is willing to apply the brakes.

Eh. While it's always possible, every single post-industrial semi-Malthusian humanity-destroying-nightmare (Race Suicide! Global Cooling! Mass Starvation! Holes in Ozone Frying Us All! Deforestation! Global Warming! General Change!) has proven incapable to its claims. My grandchildren are more likely to have lives that are even more advanced from my own than my life is removed from my Grandparents growing up in the Depression.

Mind you, I am still paranoid. I own guns, am starting to build up ammo, and am looking to get out of my "neighborhood" and onto "land" away from people where I can build my own little food supply, local renewable energy, etc. But, unfortunately, the Apocalypse is pretty unlikely smile

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