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But, unfortunately, the Apocalypse is pretty unlikely smile

Apocalypse? Thot you was opposed to hyperbole.

I would consider the extinction of the Human Species - which is what he claimed was coming - to be something worth describing in that manner, yes smile.

It's more like frogs in a pot of water. Or maybe we are like a slow-motion plague of locusts. But you're right, we probably won't see McCarthy's Road - that will be your kids' or grandkids' unique experience.

Probably not.

A free market Capitalism ideologue and a science denier, too?

Crikey! No wonder I can't seem to get you to discuss anything with an open mind.

Probably because you are not used to talking with people who have significantly different priors, and thus confuse "comes to the same conclusions I do" with "has an open mind" smile

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