You know, there's no reason to go nuts on the self-reliance path. No reason to buy land where you can graze cattle and grow wheat. But it would be smart to get out of HOA-land suburbia so you can plant a vegetable garden, have some chickens, and put in some solar panels. I think a few big dogs are better than having guns and ammo. Better to scare off burglars than to have to shoot them. The legal hassles are insane, if you do.

Just making a few wise decisions and sticking to them is really all you need to do for financial security. Learn to get by with what you can afford, instead of every shiny new googaw on TV. Same for college for kids. Don't spend your retirement savings on some expensive school, when there are much cheaper options. With the right degree from a state school, they can do fine.

As for inheritance, there are some huge tax loopholes in there: Inheritance of capital assets can be never-taxed, which is nothing but welfare for the rich. Bring back the inheritance tax or tax it for capital gains at death. That would make a huge difference in the wealth imbalance in America.