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Apparently Trump is totally freaked out and screaming at his campaign people when they tell him he is losing in the polls. They finally convinced him his daily press bitch sessions were hurting a lot more than helping. I think he's going to stage a big rally soon somewhere, and get a lot of his supporters dead. Or just have a stroke.

He's also gone back to flatly stating that the virus will "just go away... it will be eradicated, without a vaccine."

"If you don't have the vaccine, if the virus is gone, we're like we were before, but having a vaccine would be a great thing."

There is a lot to unpack in that statement.
Not a lot of different things, just one really REALLY BIG THING.
The fact that Trump says he believe the virus will go away without a vaccine indicates that Donald Trump isn't the least bit interested in developing one, and in fact he may even try to manipulate the effort to benefit his own agenda, even if to do so would destroy the effort altogether.

As with anything Trump, expect the unexpected. Far as he's concerned, vaccines are some unknowable unobtanium thing that to him costs too much, and takes too long, and he just doesn't give two sh!ts about them.

Don't be surprised if he decides to target ANY federal help in the vaccine effort.
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